for Bonner County Commissioner, District 3

Principles, Ethics, Tradition & Civility

We are a nation, state, and county with a proud heritage and a bright future. This future can only be secured by recognizing where we as an American people have come from. As Americans, we have rich traditions and the founding of our Republic is unique amongst the history of humanity. Here is a small sample of some of what makes America so special. (click on each link below to learn more about our shared heritage…)

  1. The Declaration of Independence 
  2. The Constitution of the United States
  3. Washington’s Farewell Address
  4. The Gettysburg Address
  5. The Constitution of the State of Idaho
  6. Address to the Knights of Columbus-Teddy Roosevelt

Decision making based on values

I believe that decision making by our government officials should be guided by their values. I’ll be telling more about this in the future. Stay tuned!