for Bonner County Commissioner, District 3

These are my priorities: Obey the law and serve with honor.

 Bonner County is not separate from Idaho and the United States. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be an Idahoan. I am proud to have grown up in Bonner County and attended local schools.

Bonner County should use ARPA, American Rescue Plan Act, funds for EMS, Roads, Bridges, Schools, Fire, Police, and public safety to improve the quality of life for all of Bonner County. 

We are the United States of America. We are not the Divided States of America. Bonner County Commissioners have a duty to look out for the financial interests of the county residents. The recent deliberations around the ARPA funds are counterproductive, divisive, and potentially dangerous. According to the testimony from the January 11th, business meeting. Bonner County is the only county in the state not using these funds to improve our residents’ lives. (Click here to watch that meeting.)

Federal deficit spending is irresponsible; Idaho and Bonner County’s fiscal policy is not. We are required to balance our budgets and we do. Our County Commissioners have a duty to protect our interests. Infrastructure costs are a constant, if we choose not to utilize these funds another county or jurisdiction in the state of Idaho will. 

The profligate deficit spending of our national government is wrong and is going to have serious consequences in the future. WE LIVE IN TODAY. Bonner County is 44% federal land. The Sandpoint Airport is operated by the County and partially funded with grants from the FAA. Western states have received Payment In Lieu of Taxes for decades from the federal government to compensate residents for the loss of revenue from the lands within our borders. Our state, county, cities, schools, and law enforcement use numerous federal funds that impact Bonner County. We are Americans and should use ARPA funds to improve Bonner County.


A primary issue is ensuring durable and pragmatic processes to handle the consequences of the growth we’re experiencing in Bonner County.

Residents across Bonner County are frustrated with the rapid growth. We cannot build a wall or gate the county to keep newcomers out. We need to have legal, ethical, and pragmatic change. We can take a hard look at our processes and make them better. We can update our comprehensive plan and abide by it. We must.

The Bonner County Comprehensive Plan update needs to be prioritized. This document sets forth Bonner County’s vision for the next twenty years. 

  1. It is a Comprehensive Plan, not a Comprehensive Amendment. In two years, there have been 33 amendments to the Bonner County Comprehensive Plan. In 244 years, there have been 27 Amendments to the US Constitution.
  2. County residents invested years into the Sub-Area Committees Comprehensive Plan; use these documents to jumpstart the Comprehensive Plan update.
  3. Pause all Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Zone Changes until the Comp Plan is updated
  4. Hold workshops, get our citizens involved in government update the zone map and have fidelity to the process
  5. Start batching requests for Comp Plan amendments and zone changes to a schedule two months a year  


As a Bonner County Commissioner I will pursue policies that support:

Strong Families make a strong Bonner County

Families young and old need a place to live.

Good schools build strong and healthy citizens

We must preserve, protect, and expand access to recreational opportunities, especially our pristine waterways, for all. 

We cannot tax/displace our older residents out of their homes.

Strong Infrastructure makes a strong Bonner County

The time to improve roads and bridges is not after they are in need of repair, it is now.

Clean aquifers and drinking water is a must; investment in sewer and water districts is prudent.

Public Safety is an integral part of local government. We should continue to invest in police, fire, and EMS to protect and serve Bonner County.


A strong economy makes a strong Bonner County

Businesses must have a workforce. We need to protect, preserve, recruit, and retain talent to serve Bonner County.

Invest and develop our infrastructure to encourage new businesses to plant roots in Bonner County.

Support your local business.


Strong relationships make a strong Bonner County

Sandpoint, Priest River, Ponderay, Oldtown, Kootenai, Hope, East Hope, Dover, and Clark Fork are all important incorporated areas of the county. County and city government should work together.

Urban and rural areas of Bonner County are not and should never be at odds with each other.

We are in this together.

Freedom of speech, assembly, and religion are our right; we also have the right to disagree with one another.

Civility, pragmatism, and compromise should be encouraged.

God bless America, Idaho, and Bonner County.  

What do you think?

“No men living are more worthy to be trusted than those who toil up from poverty,” Abraham Lincoln-State of the Union 1861

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